Online Services

The following online services are available:

Services for the General Public

  • Search License Information

    Look up information pertaining to many of the licenses, registrations and permits managed by the State of Maine including current status, granted authorities, contact information and license/disciplinary actions. In most cases, you may obtain a downloadable file of this information.

    You may also search for licensees to whom administrative or disciplinary actions have been imposed.

    It is also possible to search for information on schools and courses providing education to license holders or individuals pursuing a license.

Services for License/Permit Holders and Applicants

  • License Renewal/Application

    Submit a wide-range of license, registration and permit applications online and pay for them with a Visa or MasterCard. You can renew your license, apply for a pre-licensing examination, or apply for a new license, registration or permit. Please note that the activities that can be performed online vary by regulatory agency. If you have questions, please contact the applicable regulatory agency.

  • Change Contact Information

    Change your contact information online. Depending on the type of license, registration or permit you hold, you may be able to change the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses you have on file.